Risk-Free Guarantee

Here are ten reasons why clients engage me to deliver extraordinary results

  • I’m Risk-Free. You will get what you asked for with me, or you don’t pay – simple as that.
  • I’m real, personable and approachable. You will always see me mixing with your group before, during and after your event. I make people feel immediately at ease and comfortable.
  • I’m naturally funny. Although not a stand-up comedian, I’m very entertaining. I have that X-factor that everyone wants, but is so hard to find.
  • I’m easy to work with. Clients always comment on how pleasant it is to deal with a true professional – before, during and after the event.
  • I have a voice people love listening to. As an experienced voice-professional and actor, I have developed a rich, smooth, gently persuasive voice that your audience will love.
  • I’m an absorbing presenter. Put simply, I engage people – my energy and natural ability to relate to people will attract your group’s attention, and help them to get the most from my delivery.
  • I’m always prepared. I will take the time to thoroughly research your group and / or event in advance of arriving, and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances on the day.
  • I’m always available. I am prepared to arrive early, and stay late if you require – all you have to do is ask.
  • I’m inspiring. My purpose in life is to empower and inspire people, and this is certainly true of the impact I have on every person and group I work with.
  • I’ll be straight with you. What you see is what you get – integrity is paramount. Everything from my all-inclusive quotes (you only pay one fee which covers everything), to providing useful advice at the conclusion of your event.

What People Are Saying…