About Mark Collard

IMG_2152My purpose in life is to inspire and empower.

I’m a people-person, and I love an audience. I bring a natural warmth and energy to everything I deliver, from experiential-based training and team development programs to voice-over and speaking engagements.

I earned my Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree in 1985 and completed my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in New York in 1987.

After working as a management consultant for two years, I accepted a training internship with Project Adventure Inc in 1990, and returned in 1991 to establish the organisation in Australia. Over the course of the next 10 years, I developed the enterprise into a successful $500K business.

On top of delivering an average of 100 days of adventure-based programs each year, I was also busy hosting weddings, trivia programs and conferences for a diverse range of groups. As I developed a mastery of my vocal talents, I also attracted regular radio, television, audiobook and video voice-over gigs.


Today, I am the proud author of five top-selling publications, including No Props No ProblemCount Me In and Serious Fun.

In 2012, I launched my latest online adventure – playmeo.com – a professional development business which features an ever-expanding online database of group games and activities, with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and lesson plans for 380+ ice-breakers, energisers, name games, trust & team-building activities.

I am grateful that my various skills have allowed me to travel all over the world, including every corner of Australia, and frequent trips to the United States and occasional visits to Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong & China.

On a personal note, I have…

  • Been struck by lightning twice (yes, twice!);
  • Camped on the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House for 3 nights (as part of an anti-logging protest);
  • Walked gingerly on a bed of nails (part of a crazy stunt);
  • Never been able to back-up a car towing a trailer;
  • Been lucky enough to find six four-leafed clovers;
  • Estimated that I have spent the equivalent of approx 4 months of my life inside a steel tube hurtling through the air at 800kmh.

Mark lives in the outer-east of Melbourne’s suburbs with his gorgeous wife and son and counts his time playing with, and inspiring groups all over the world as some of the funnest times of his life.

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