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Kelly headshot

Mark's presentation was by far the best our staff had seen in years. On point, fun & truly inspiring.

Kelly, supervisor, Australia

Seth Godin & Mark Collard

Serious Fun will wake up, inspire & most important, raise the bar for those we entrust with our programs & meetings.

Seth Godin, best-selling author, USA

Kevin headshot

Your energy & approach was infectious. I am thankful to have had the experience to see you present.

Kevin, principal, USA

Amy Climer headshot

Mark Collard is an excellent facilitator & an amazing human being. He's generous, kind, smart, thoughtful, so awesome.

Amy, group facililitor, USA

Chad Littlefield headshot

Not sure what I would do without Mark. He is the best on the planet for new & fresh activity ideas.

Chad, group facilitator, USA

Brad headshot

Another great tool to have in the kit. Great activities to use, easy to understand & no equipment needed to facilitate on the run.

Brad, corporate trainer, Australia

Andrew Davis headshot

Since adding No Props to our library collection, it is always the first book students grab & is by far the most popular.

Andrew, outdoor recreation teacher, Australia

Damien Clarke headshot

No Props is one of the biggest selling education books we have - no activity leader should be without it!

Damien, adventure gear retailer, Australia

Steve headshot

Your expertise, skill & personality was most definitely a key factor in making our conference a success.

Steve, principal, Australia

Sean headshot

I cannot think of a larger positive or more transformative influence on my professional career than Mark Collard.

Sean, teacher, Australia

Karl Rohnke headshot

All of Mark’s books have a ton of activity ideas that will help you achieve the most with little. Take a look, you’ll be pleased you did.

Karl, adventure programming guru, USA

Rebecca headshot

Your books have been with me on all of my trips, they are definitely a great investment!

Rebecca, outdoor educator, Australia

Ang Cuy

The program staff went crazy for the No Props books we gave them. Most of them wouldn’t let the book out of their sight.

Ang, community development officer, Australia

Ryan headshot

Mark absolutely nails it. He is, truly, a programming ninja.

Ryan, group facilitator, USA

Clint headshot

It was amazing to put your books into practice - the improvement in my facilitation with groups was really evident.

Clint, camp leader, Australia

Judith headshot

Great resource for team-building in physical education classes.

Judith, pe teacher, Australia

Michael headshot

Mark has really captured a truck-load of wisdom & placed it into this great resource that should be in every facilitator’s toolkit.

Michael, training consultant, Canada

Andrew headshot

We have seen the start of a shift in our programs & staff capabilities - Mark's efforts were invaluable.

Andrew, youth worker, Australia

Berit headshot

I don't know any other trainer who knows how to bring so much joy, meaning & dynamism to seminars.

Berit, adult educator, Germany

Carlos headshot

Mark is amazing! Runs fantastic courses & has really helpful materials. The best workshop that I have been to in a long time!

Carlos, teacher, USA

Cindy headshot

You are my 'go-to' programming guru. I have gained so much from your sharing.

Cindy, camp leader, USA

Heath headshot

Count Me In is a MUST have book for anyone wanting to create a positive atmosphere in their class.

Heath, high school teacher, Australia

Lucinda headshot

Mark was extremely engaging, professional & most of all, fun!

Lucinda, conference organiser, Australia

Micah headshot

For years, I've really benefitted from the variety of activities & leadership insights you provide.

Micah, experiential trainer, USA

Peter headshot

Thanks for writing your books - they've been an inspiration to me trying to engage very negative & entrenched behaviours.

Peter, corporate trainer, Australia

Rebecca headshot

Incorporating Mark’s activities into my classes has been fun & developed strong bonds & deep respect for our differences.

Rebecca, teacher, Australia

Sacha headshot

I highly recommend Mark - he listens to what you want from a session & exceeds expectations!

Sacha, training manager, Ireland

Sarah headshot

I am so grateful for Mark's expertise - he has saved my programs more times than I can count!

Sarah, corporate trainer, USA

Lisa headshot

Feedback from the night has been universally positive which is a testament to your ability to enthuse the group & encourage participation.

Lisa, club librarian, Australia

Wendy headhsot

Serious Fun captures how Mark engages people so successfully. He is a master of delivering fantastic programs & this book brings it all together.

Wendy, Girl Guides, Australia

Paul headshot

The activities invite everybody to participate at their own level, without feeling foolish, even if you do something wrong.

Paul, camp leader, Australia

David headshot

Looking to make your team more productive or add value to your members? Mark has the tools.

Dave, team leader, Australia