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There are no shortage of books, websites, videos and training practitioners who will teach you dozens, if not hundreds, of fun games and activities.

Very few, if any, however, will help you learn the skills and strategies to understand how to leverage these activities – together with critical group facilitation skills – that make a difference.

As one of Australia’s most qualified and experienced experiential trainers, I can help you become a seriously fun facilitator of group games & activities, or deliver a custom program to develop the team skills of your group.

Become a Seriously Fun Teacher or Trainer


When you participate in one of my training workshops, you will learn how to deliver remarkably fun programs that engage your groups quickly & build critical interpersonal skills.

These workshops are ideal if you want to advance your knowledge & skills in the art & science of group facilitation & program design.

You will walk away with dozens of new group games & activities, as well as a solid understanding & application of group facilitation/leadership skills, reflection strategies & program design expertise.

Open-enrolment & custom-designed programs available.


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Strong Relationships Amplify the Results of Your Team


Want to help your team become more productive or strengthen their relationships?

I can help, in-person or online.

I have been delivering powerful experiential team-building programs for 31+ years all over the world. From fun one-hour sessions to intensive, multi-day workshops, I guarantee that my program will deliver the results you’re looking for, or you don’t pay.

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